Connectivity to Hoover is about giving real solutions to enhance daily experience with appliances. A complete set of unique connectivity features perfect to match with you and the way you live. Discover all the advantages.


Connectivity to us is not just about being up to date. It means giving you real solutions to enhance your daily experience with Hoover appliances. It is designed with the aim of helping to modernise and improve people’s lives, health and wellbeing as brand core values. Discover a complete set of unique features perfect to match with you and the way you live and get effective and reliable solutions for a better quality of life.



With the Hoover Connectivity you can monitor status, efficiency, and consumptions of your appliances and find out how to optimize their performance, while taking care of your clothes, your food and your home at the same time. Even when you are out.



Via App you can discover a world of additional features and contents to use your Hoover appliances at best, in the most comfortable and intuitive way, to create a better life and environment. Discover hygienic solutions for your home safety, get sanitizing additional programmes for your laundry, choose among a wide list of healthy recipes and get tips to take care of your food preservation.



Increase the durability of your Hoover appliances thanks to maintenance tips and periodic notifications via Wi-Fi. Hoover has more than 100 years of experience and continuous research on latest technologies to produce high performance and reliable connected products, helping people to take care of their home and their families’ wellbeing.




Get maintenance reminders and tips

"I don’t know how and when changing my vacuum’s filter, what to do?" Hoover knows it, and that’s why our App will help you to remember when it’s time to change it and which is the best and easiest way to do it.


Automatic cleaning

"I would like to come home from the office and find a perfectly clean home. Is it just a dream?" Schedule your Hoover Robot activities with the cleaning plan function available via hOn App to get daily results the easiest way, especially when you are out of home. Get complete reports at the end of each cleaning. Forget to start the robot cleaning activity especially when you are out and find a perfectly clean home when you come back.



Tips and statistics

"Am I optimizing consumption and efficiency of my appliance?" The App is always there to make your washing experience better. Get data to improve your washing habits and energy consumptions. And if you have a problem, just follow our in-app troubleshooting to fix the issue in the quickest way.


Programmed maintenance

"I have the impression my washing machine doesn’t clean the laundry as well as it used to do in the past. What can I do?" Thanks to the App extra functions, you can set up programmed maintenance update and notifications for limescale cycle and filter cleaning, in order to optimize your appliance efficacy and preserve its reliability.


Scan to Care

"I would like to get rid of the annoying laundry labels, without missing washing instructions". Thanks to the Scan to Care function, you can forget your laundry labels! Just take a picture of your them and create your virtual wardrobe. The new hOn App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the best programme to take care of them.




Voice assistant

"I would like to use smart speakers to also manage my appliances, can I?" Thanks to the voice assistant, now you can talk directly to your oven via Google Home or Amazon Alexa and get an additional support to switch the oven on, check its status, ask for suggestions related to cooking modes, temperature, cleaning and much more.


Dedicated healthy recipes

"I am looking for something different but healthy to cook for guests, what can I do?" Get suggestions and exclusive extra healthy recipes via App, created by expert chefs specifically for your oven with the chance to be guided in every cooking step. Wow effect guaranteed.





Inventory List

"I am always on the rush and cannot manage food expiry dates. Any solution?" Create your personal fridge inventory: use the App to connect your refrigerator with your calendar and shopping list to always have full control on stored, expiring and needed food, avoiding wastes.


Iced Drink Coach

"I need to quickly chill wine for a last-minute dinner. How can I manage it?" You can refrigerate your beverage via App, without wasting time and effort, thanks to the Iced Drink Coach function that sets the right chilling according with the size of the bottle and its temperature.




"Finished detergent. Shops are closed. How do I manage the laundry?" Discover more about the Dash Replenishment service powered by Hoover and Amazon. It allows to re-order it via App.


"Does my wine fit meat, or fish?" Scan your wine to know everything about it. You can also buy your favorite wines.