H-WASH 300

H-WASH 300

Connected care

Hoover presents H-WASH 300, the extremely sturdy and reliable washing machine that offers fantastic results while taking care of your laundry.

Hoover presents H-WASH 300, the extremely reliable washing machine that delivers outstanding performances reaching the highest energy efficiency on the market. It boasts the most complete set of washing cycles to take care of all your favourite clothes, preserving fabrics and colors for longer. Moreover, you can connect your washer via the Wizard App* and access an extensive list of additional contents, washing tips, info and online support.

*The interaction with the appliance is enabled only by Android smartphones equipped with compatible NFC technology

Reliable Performance

Thanks to the New Inverter Motor, enjoy the most reliable and long-lasting performance, reaching the highest energy efficiency on the market.




This Hoover range offers a complete set of washing cycles to preserve the fibers and colors for longer, without giving up on the best washing results.



The Allergy Care Cycle is designed to remove allergens and bacteria by increasing the washing temperature up to 60° C for a prolonged time and by extending the rinsing phase. It is the ideal program to sanitize baby clothes, ensuring the best hygiene for you and your family.



H-WASH 300 is equipped with Kg Mode: thanks to a new intelligent algorithm, it self-adapts water, energy and time consumption according to the load, optimizing resource utilization and reducing wastes.




Take care of your clothes and your appliance with the Wizard App. Manage your H-WASH 300 remotely whenever you want and get dedicated content, tips and support:

- Check the status of your H-WASH 300 remotely and receive an end of cycle notification to never forget your laundry. 

- Get more than 40 additional cycles to take care of specific garments or fabric.

- Maximize the performance and lifespan of your washing machine thanks to the Clever Check-up. This special cycle preserves your washer reliability giving you support in case of malfunctioning.

- Get detergent dosing suggestions: your washer will calculate the needed amount for each load.

- Find the ideal washing cycle for your laundry thanks to the Program Wizard.

- Access useful stain guides with over 50 tips to wash your clothes at best.

- Get real-time consumption data during washing cycles and track your usage habits to improve efficiency.

- Keep your clothes fresh until your arrival thanks to the Keep Fresh function.