Impressive performance, compact storage

Discover the vacuum cleaner that fits your life: 69 cm of compactness and performance for your home.

H-FREE 500 PLUS is the lightest and most compact cordless stick of Hoover’s range, with impressive performance. The clever design reduces the height to just 69cm, for easy storage wherever you want.


At just 69cm in height in storage mode, the H-FREE 500 PLUS can be comfortably stored in small spaces in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. The extraordinarily small size is designed to fit every room, guaranteeing you a clever and convenient vacuuming experience for a perfectly clean and tidy home.

Compact in use: agile and manoeuvrable, around and under furniture;

Compact after use: 69cm in height for easy storage, and self-standing parking position in storage mode.




Highly agile and manouvrable through the H-Lab Flat&Drive nozzle that steers smoothly either around and under furniture. Switch between 90º and 180º cleaning angles with a flick of the wrist, so you can clean around objects, into corners, reaching narrow spaces with ease.



Functioning with permanent magnets that reduce frictions and vibrations, the Direct Impulse Motor delivers consistent power output for a high efficient motor that spins at 100.000 rpm and delivers 75AW of suction power, for impressive dust and debris pick up on all kind of floors.



Get optimum long-lasting performance thanks to the ultra advanced lithium battery and check the battery status with LED light monitoring system.

AUTO MODE: Up to 45 minutes autonomy when using accessories, for a complete above floor cleaning of your house.

SILENT MODE: Up to 35 minutes autonomy with motorized nozzle to clean thoroughly all kinds of floor.



Fully power the product in just 2.5 hours. Simply connect the plug to the vacuum to charge it. Alternatively, you can remove the battery pack and take it to any power socket for convenient charging.


H-FREE 500 PLUS is equipped with tools that make it east and extremely comfortable to clean all kind of objects and surfaces in all kind of position and space.



Ease of use

Ease of use

H-FREE 500 PLUS weighs as much as a 1.5 litre bottle of water when cleaning above floors. Cleaning the house has never been so easy and effortless. High shelves, difficult to access corners and tight spaces will no longer be a problem.

Quick LED control

Quick LED control

An evident lighting system allows you to keep your vacuum’s status and power monitored at all times.

Charge it anywhere

Charge it anywhere

Thanks to the removal battery pack you can charge H-FREE 500 PLUS anywhere in the house. No need to store it near an electrical socket.

Easy-clean brush

Easy-clean brush

H-FREE 500 PLUS’s brush can be released quickly and easily, with no tools required. This makes it easy to remove any tangled hairs and keep your H-FREE 500 PLUS in top condition.

Great visibility

Great visibility

Front LED nozzle lights on H-FREE 500 PLUS’s floor nozzle illuminate dark corners or under furniture for improved cleaning visibility, so that no dust gets missed.