What to do to take advantage of the guarantee

For all the existing lack of compliances at the time of delivery attributable to the manufacturer, Hoover guarantees its products according to the terms and conditions defined in the warranty conditions and in accordance with the regulatory provisions for a period of two years, from the date of delivery of the goods, as reported and certified by a valid receipt.
In order for the warranty to be operative, it is necessary to prove, with a delivery document or a document valid for tax purposes, the date of delivery and the data of the product itself. In case of maintenance work, the documents must be shown to the technician.

What the legal guarantee ensures

  • Spare parts free and original: not working components will be replaced by original spare parts.
  • Labor free.
  • Free transport: if the repair requires the transfer of the appliance to the authorized service center, it will be at the expense of Hoover.
  • Free replacement if the product is irreparable.
  • No contributions to the authorized service center within the first 6 months from the date of purchase.